Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blitzen Trapper-- Furr

Yeah, when I was only seventeen
I could hear the angels whispering
So I drove into the woods
And wandered aimlessly about
Until I heard my mother shouting through the fog
It turned out to be the howling of a dog
Or a wolf, to be exact
The sound sent shivers down my back
But I was drawn into the pack and before long
They allowed me to join in and sing their song

On the day that I turned 23
I was curled up underneath a dogwood tree
When suddenly a girl
Her skin the color of a pearl
She wandered aimlessly, but she didn't seem to see
She was listening for the angels just like me
So I stood and looked about
I brushed the leaves off of my snout

flower shall- oxford circus
dress- soaring
shoes- jeffrey campbell
bag- vintage


  1. Love the shoes, they do match the rest of your outfit ^^Looking at thid outfit makes me wish I had some floral printed clothes ♥

  2. @Denise Haha, glad you like the outfit! Floral print is seriously the best. You MUST own some!! <3

  3. @Mademoiselle Ana Indeed! Layering is a totally a must in fall, especially winter!!

    And thanks for visiting my blog!! <3

  4. beautiful! I love those shoes!

  5. @Aine Oh, thank you so much! They're from Jeffrey Campbell--every girl should own a pair!!

    And thanks for visiting!! <3

  6. This is insanely beautiful.linkd u thru lookbook.hd to see more:-)love everythng and the flower prints work well together
    ur new folower:-)

  7. this is seriously one of your most amazing looks! The maxi dress looks fabulous on you, and you are for serious rocking those litas like nobody's business.

    great plain & hip

  8. @Chicqua Thank you so much for visiting, I'm glad you linked through to me!!~
    And thank you for following--your blog is just lovely, I've followed you back!!

    Thanks for visiting!! <3

  9. @Madeline Gosh, you really think so? That's so sweet of you to say, I'm really glad you think so!

    Thank you for the compliments, and for visiting!!~
    Also, great blog. I've just followed you!!~