Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A gift from my friends at SUGAR LIPS APPAREL!

They wrapped up the box so nicely!

I really LOVE my new top! It's so baggy, soft, and sparkly. I can't WAIT to coordinate this into an outfit! I'm really excited to be fashion blogging for Sugar Lips Apparel!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I love my MANGO cardigan!

I got this cardigan awhile ago, but hadn't had the chance to wear it, yet!

I love how it's gold and sparkly. It really stands out, in person!

As always, I LOVE my Jeffrey Campbell's!!

cardigan- mango
shirt- papaya
skirt- thrifted
shoes- jeffrey campbell, shopnastygal.com

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink Paintball stained denim jacket

Wearing my shorts from ChicWish!

I really like my old denim jacket! You can't really tell, but it's stained with pastel pink paintballs! I love pink, so I'm not complaining, haha!

These boots are so comfortable!

necklace- h&m

Thursday, November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING~ & Lots of packages!

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (To those of you that celebrate!)

Anyway, I always love receiving a package in the mail! (Who doesn't, really?!) So when I arrived home from visiting Jenna in Portland, I was excited to find I had FOUR waiting for me!
One was some makeup from Japan, one was my first order from Chicwish, and the others were packages from ShopLately.com, and from Romwe.com!

I am OBSESSED with this snake necklace from my lovely friends at Shop Lately! I can't wait to coordinate it into a cool outfit! Maybe something darker?

This skirt & oversized sweater set are from my lovely friends at Romwe!
I'm really excited to wear it in the fall, it looks so warm, doesn't it?

This double vest 3-way set is one of the items I purchased from Chicwish! I love how versatile it is. I can wear just the lace piece, just the denim piece, or both together! (Personally, I like them together the best!)

I really like these lace shorts. They're a bit late for summer, but I'm confident I can coordinate them nicely into an outfit.

I am SO happy about this petti! I have been wanting a similar one for some time now, so now I can check it off my list!

It's such a lovely dusty rose colour. And I must note the cute sparkly rhinestone embellishments along the bottom!!

Shop Lately Snake necklace- http://shoplately.com/?r=shop
Romwe sweater & skirt set- http://www.romwe.com/
Chicwish "Lace Jeans 3-Ways Twinset Vest"- http://www.chicwish.com/lace-twinset-vest.html
Chicwish "Once Upon a Time Lace Pants"- http://www.chicwish.com/once-upon-a-time-lace-pants.html
Chicwish "Peach My Heart Petticoat"- http://www.chicwish.com/peach-my-heart-petticoat.html

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the winner of the olive Liz Claiborne Sweater isss...

And the winner of the olive Liz Claiborne Sweater isss...

Entry #20, Angel!!
(I'll be getting in touch with you shortly via e-mail!)

I really wish everyone could have won, but unfortunately there was only one winner this time! However, don't fear--I plan to have contests running almost constantly on my blog, so over the course of the next two or three days, be watching out for my next contest!

Thank you to all the entries, I really appreciate your participation...and good luck next time, as well!!

Psst, don't forget to click "like" on this blog's facebook fan page for an early heads up as to when I'll be having contests, and what the prizes will be!

Faded Light of Summer's Might

I wish it wasn't raining QUITE so much out--it's super hard to get pictures everyday!
(I love how my friend Courtney helped me edit these first 2 photos!!)

I really love my feather shall from H&M!!

This is where I use to take our ten French Bulldogs on walks! They loved to stomp up and down on the grass, and hide in it!! They're so cute.

The old growth trees by our old house are so pretty!!

PS: Please stay tuned! Tonight I will announce the winner of my fall sweater giveaway!!

shall- H&M
Boots- durangoboots.com
top- forever21.com

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Forest Walk- My new fox tail from ROMWE!!

I visited one of my best friends and stayed for the weekend! We took LookBook pictures, as always!

Some of the forested areas near her house are really pretty!!

I am so SO excited to show off my new fox tail keychain from ROMWE.com , it's so lovely!! I cannot stop petting it, it feels so real, although it's faux fur!! (Even my dog thinks it's real!!)

I think I wear these shoes at LEAST 2 times a week!! I love them.

My boyfriend, Josh, sitting on a giant stump! And my friend's little brother, carving into a tree. (I bet he was carving his girlfriend's name!)

Hanging out with friends is always fun! We all decided to take pictures jumping off the swings.That's my boyfriend flying into the air in the background, haha!

(It's currently sold out, but stay tuned, they may have it back!)
sweater- A.N.A., JCPenny's
dress- ROMWE.com
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, shopnastgal.com
feather belt in hair- http://www.madlady.se/

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have literally been looking for white cowboy boots for half of my time on this earth. I purchased these online thinking they were dusty white rather than tan--of course with my luck they were totally tan. It would figure, right? However, I'm still super happy with them! I've heard there's such a think as leather paint out there, so there's always that if I'm feeling crafty.
And I've worn them a few times since receiving them (you can view them worn, in the entry below!) and I'm actually becoming quite fond of the shade, although I still would LOVE white cowboy boots someday!!

But speaking on some intense wants here, what's something you've ALWAYS lusted after and never been able to get ahold of, OR something you've been lusting after awhile, and FINALLY obtained? Let's hear your stories, ladies!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

My dad's alpaca sweater!

I really love my new sweater! My mom had given it to my dad for this season, however it was a bit too small for him, and he gave it to me! I think it's really stylish--both my parents have great taste! (I'm glad I get to benefit from it by getting this awesome sweater made from alpaca!!)

If you'll notice, it even has alpaca ON it!! They look kind of silly, but I like it.

I'm really diggin' my new off-white cowboy boots from DURANGO, too! I have a post & review coming about them shortly!!

A shot of my boyfriend Josh's shoes, caked terribly in mud from this day!!
It may not always seem like it from my photos, but it's usually freezing when I take my photos! And I can gurantee you, every blogger you see goes through a lot to bring you what they do. Be it mud, or rain, or freezing temperatures...let's just say, fashion blogging outside in the winter is a cold affair--but I couldn't be happier to do it, all for my lovely readers! Stay warm this winter!!

sweater- from my dad/mom
scarf- thrifted
necklace, skirt & fox tail- H&M
bag- chanel

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank you for 3,000 fans on LookBook & 100 followers on this blog!!

Thank you SO so much to everyone who is my fan on LookBook--I just passed the 3k mark! And thank you as well to all my followers on this blog--I just passed the 100 mark!! You are all so lovely, and I hope to continue to bring you interesting outfits and good brands to buy from!!

I LOVE my new feather waistband from MadLady!! I originally saw it modeled by the lovely Anna W of LookBook!!

My new boots! The little cutouts are hearts. I instantly had to buy these when I saw this!!

Thank you again to everyone who is a "fan" on lookBook, and who follows me here!
Have a wonderful day!!~

sweater, skirt, necklace- http://www.forever21.com/
feather waistband- http://www.madlady.se/

Monday, November 14, 2011

I love my new studded fanny pack from Shop Lately!

I know I've ranted about how much I love Shop Lately before, but I can never say it enough!
I am absoloutley in LOVE with my new studded fanny pack from the lovely Shop Lately! I always used to think fanny packs were dorky, but the older I get, my realization of the functionality and awesomeness of the fanny pack raises. (Hah!)

Anyways, if you don't want an awesome fanny pack for yourself by the end of this post, I don't know what to think!!

If you'd like to visit Shop Lately, you can do so, here: http://shoplately.com/?R=SHOP
And if you'd like to go right to the fanny pack, it's here: http://shoplately.com/product/452/cone_studded_fanny_pack_brown?r=shop

shirt- thrifted
skirt-borrowed from my friend

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BLACK RIVER KILLER-- Blitzen Trapper

It was just a little while past the sunset strip
They found the girl's body in an open pit
Her mouth was sewn shut, but her eyes were still wide
Gazing through the fog to the other side

They booked me on a whim and threw me deep in jail
With no bail, sitting silent on a rusty pail
Just gazing at the marks on the opposite wall
Remembering the music of my lover's call

So you make no mistake
I know just what it takes
To pull a man's soul back from heaven's gates
I've been wandering in the dark about as long as sin
But they say it's never too late to start again

Oh when, oh when
Will the spirit come a calling for my soul to sin
Oh when, oh when
Will the keys to the kingdom be mine again?

Oh when, oh when
Will the spirit come a calling for my soul to sin
Oh when, oh when
Will the keys to the kingdom be mine again?
Oh when, oh when
Will that black river water wash me clean again
Oh when, oh when
Will thee keys to the kingdom be mine again

floral maxi- vintage, from mt mom
bag- vintage
studded boots- vintage
birdskull necklace- http://www.os-accessories.com/