Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lookbook x American Apparel HALLOWEEN CONTEST

I'm very excited to have entered the's Halloween Contest!
I decided to make entries of myself wearing "Lolita" styled fashion, a trend from Japan.
Lolita looks very "doll-like," so it's a great theme for Halloween!!

I've always loved lolita, so it's really fun for me to have an excuse to upload pictures of me in lolita to Lookbook!!

You can check out my 2 different entries, here!

If you like my looks, please make sure to hype them!!

I hope to see everyone else's entries in the contest. They're all so interesting, so far!!

(Last photo by Ryan Reeve)


  1. I have hyped both the outfits, but I loke the 'Doll in the woods' look the most, because of the atmosphere with it ♥

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for hyping!! I really appreciate it. I'm super glad you like that photo--I was really happy with how that shoot turned out!!