Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am ROMWE.COM'S newest fashion blogger!

I'm very happy to announce that I am the newest fashion blogger for !!

Aren't the two above items I am getting, cute?! I have been wanting a NICE faux fox tail for some time now, so I'm happy to order one now!

I am a HUGE fan of Romwe, so of course I have ordered from them in the past before!
These are two items I recently purchased, and am really very happy with!
You'll notice the first garment can be see a few blog posts down. Romwe has such lovely clothing for girls, I highly recommend shopping around. They even have free shipping worldwide, it's such a blessing!


  1. Wow, I absolutely LOVE that cream-colored lace dress! Do you happen to know if they still have it for sale?
    I'm looking forward to seeing the outfits you make with their clothing! :)

  2. @Kaori Me too, it's to die for! They actually do not, as far as I can tell. I searched for the links to both of the items in the second photo but couldn't find either, which is why they're not linked. :[ I'm sorry, I wish I could help more!!

    And thank you, I'm glad you are! I hope to impress, haha!

  3. That's okay - I had sort of figured that you would have linked it if it was still up on the site! And you definitely always impress, hehe. :)

  4. @Kaori Haha yeah. XD I shall deffinitaly reply back here if I notice they're in stock...and I look at Romwe nearly everyday, so I'll probably be one of the first to know, haha!!

    And thank you! You are very kind, Kaori!! <3

  5. @Denise Thank you so much! I appreciate the congrats. I hope I'm a good fashion blogger for them!! n_n;;

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