Sunday, October 23, 2011

All those messages on their way to you

Josh took pictures of me on the hill behind the house.

My mom read me an article once about the analog nature of the telephone wire.

Apparently because of wifi, within about fifty years, powerlines will be archaic messages of a bygone era.
Standing high atop their decaying hills.
Forgotten by time.

I wonder what the sky will look like, then.

They always remind me of how truly small we are.
Each little city, a tiny outpost of human endeavor.
A light opon the horizon.
Connected by a string and a tin can.

It's funny because, only this last year, the last place in the United States that didn't have telephone wires finally became connected to the grid. And it was in my own state of Oregon.

This city I have looked upon, since my birth.

polyurathane bones/birdskull necklace-


  1. I found you via chictopia and I am obsessed...your blog is a maze full of divine.


  2. @Karin Wow, thank you so much! You're Wunderlust on Chictopia, right? If so, I LOVE your outfits, they're great! <3

  3. omg, i love your photos and generally your blog. *-* Do you edit your photos with photoshop? I've been using this programm for a few weeks and i don't understand anything.. v_v
    sorry for grammar mistakes, if i made some. D: Greeting from Germany! <3

  4. @Angélique Wow, thank you so much! You are so sweet! And yeah, mostly with photoshop, also with ! It's a fun website to play around with!

    Thanks for visiting!!~